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Cbse Class 10 Science is being classified into 3 parts viz. Chemistry, Biology and Physics. We have a one stop Solution for Class 10 science NCERT Solutions it is basically learning and applying scientific knowledge in everyday and global life. We at Braintonica provide a perfect guide to all the students who have developed a keen interest in Science Class 10. We have covered each and every topic of Ncert 10 Science Textbook like Chemical Reaction and Equation, Acid, Bases and Salts, Carbon and its Compound, Metals and Non-Metals, Periodic Classification of Elements, Life Processes, Control and  Coordination, How do Organisms Reproduce, Heredity and Evolution,  Light Reflection and Refraction, Human Eye and Colorful World,  Environment, Life Processes, Electricity, Sources of Energy, Management of Natural Resources, Magnetic Effect of electric current .

All the Class 10 Topics are being covered in our notes with all the specific formulae and defined explanation of all the sub topics in an easy manner to identify the scope of topic and visual representation of the core topics which requires more attention and detail to it. We have made a comprehensive and factual representation of all the topics to make student understand better and make a long lasting impression. The solutions are prepared by experienced teachers with lot of research to make our students life easier. Each and every topic is being explained in such a manner with visual representation as to make you understand the hard core topics in a jiffy. Student often Struggle to find genuine and credible solutions for Class 10 Science textbook online and offline, and sometimes have to Stoll hard to get the best of the solutions easily but your search is over. You can simply visit our Website Braintonica and download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and Voila you are sorted! We at Braintonica closely analyze the Science Class 10 and prepare a summary of the important topics combined with other relevant data to make a perfect guide for you to make more interactive to understand the difficult concept. Class10 science textbook are pretty tough but don’t worry students we are here to help you for making the concept way easier and understandable.


We have an updated and to the point notes of class 10 science for our students; our notes are regularly updates with any changes in the textbook come in. You can rely us on for the best notes with proper explanation of the topics in brief. You can also visit our Website for any doubt regarding Notes on Science 10 Class. Students often have a fear whether their doubt will be resolved or not whether their queries will be answered or not or whether the notes are trustworthy or up to the syllabus of the circular but we assured to provide the genuine and easy notes so that you can scored good marks in your exams. We provide a comprehensive summary of all subject, it is not only science class 10. we are good at but we have also have a great command on other subjects like Social Science, Maths, and English. We have created notes for std 10 science to make you understand better and score higher marks and prepare you for the future battle. So braintonica is the best option foe science tuition for class 10 near me.

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