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Olympiad exams or Olympiads are the means for students to compete with other students on a similar educational level. Such exams promote the learning of skills in subjects like mathematics, science, computer technology or English language among students.

Olympiad Examinations help to identify a child’s capability and real potential that may help him survive better in today’s modern competitive world. They motivate students to endeavor for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts so as to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.

There are six SOF Olympiads annually in India which is following:

  • National Cyber Olympiad(NCO)
  • National Science Olympiad(NSO)
  • International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO)
  • International English Olympiad(IEO)
  • International General Knowledge Olympiad(IGKO)
  • International Company Secretaries Olympiad(ICSO)

Olympiads are the exams which help students improve their problem solving skills and analytical skills, required to excel in future competitive exams. Here, we bring some important tips to prepare easily and effectively for the Olympiad tests.

Olympiad examinations at school level are competitive examinations which are conducted to imbibe problem solving skills and analytical skills in school students. It also emphasises on learning the concepts of Mathematics, Science and English. The objective of these exams is to develop the child for preparation of future competitions and challenges that would be thrown open to them in the future.

Olympiad exams are conducted at a very large scale for students to analyse their efficiencies and abilities. Giving exams at state level or all India level where students from different schools and regions compete with each other, helps them to boost up their confidence and give them a chance to grow academically and mentally.

Benefits of preparing for Olympiads

  • A rank in the Olympiad helps students explore their talent.
  • Questions asked in Olympiads are more conceptual and tricky which requires students to understand the topic well. This ultimately improves their routine class results.
  • It helps students to test their understanding, level of knowledge and power of reasoning.
  • It helps to cultivate the analytical and logical thinking in the students which is quite useful for any competitive exam.
  • Awards and recognition is another prominent advantage you get by taking Olympiad exams.